Protecting Wildlife

Climate change across the Globe is happening at a much rapid pace in the past 5 years than it was ever in our history. There are several regions in the world where the change has been too drastic for the ecosystem and this has resulted in a massive shock for Flora and Fauna. Regions like the North Texas region which used to be dry and hot weather, has been receiving huge amount of rain of-late and was subject to a snowmagedon earlier this year. Several parts of the Indian Subcontinent are facing drought while many areas are regularly are getting regularly flooded with rivers overflowing their banks. In short, climate change is for real and while we continue to debate the same at various level of political decision making, thousands continue to die or get displaced from their comfort zone. Mass migration is already happening both in Humans as well as Animals. The Pandemic did put a pause to some of this movement but its just a matter of time before things move back.

We at Kind Hearted Karma are doing our bit to help the Wildlife and with our efforts have been able to help protect wildlife from poaching, flooding and forest fires. Two of our current operations on the ground are focused on the Sundarbans Forest (India & Bangladesh) and Kaziranga National Park (Assam, India).

Sundarbans National Forest. The largest Royal Bengal Tiger sanctuary in the world