Community Seed Bombs

The Seed Bomb Project

Kind Hearted Karma works closely with the City’s Park & Recreation division to help them plan and beautify the city one year ahead of the season. 

What are Seed Bombs?

City’s Park and Recreation team spend time with School going kids to create a large pool of Seed Bombs. These seeds belong to wild native flowers such as Blue Bonnet, Indian Paintbrush, Indian Blanket, Purple Coneflower, Goldeneye Phlox, Large Buttercup and Prairie Verbena in US or Mazus and Chickweed in India or Wood Anemone, Columbine and Daisy in UK​. City’s Park & Recreation team plan which areas of the city would need how many of these seed bombs. KHK volunteers use colored clay to differentiate between different variety of seeds and create these Seed Bombs which are then planted when the season arrives.

Seed bombs are little nuggets of clay, compost, and native seeds that you throw at the ground. You can throw them in your yard or in a neglected space to help turn it into a flowering wonderland. Sized as big as a golf ball, seed bombs can be colored using colored clay to distinguish them based on the kind of seed inside. Usually, each Seed bomb consists of at least 3-4 seeds.

Why Seed Bombs?

The theory goes that you toss them in a neglected green space as an act of gurilla gardening; The seeds are difficult to get to when dry and hence Squirrels and Birds leave it alone. They remain in such state till the first rain arrives. That’s when the clay and compost start breaking loose after they become moist. The clay keeps the seeds moist as they germinate, the compost nourishes them, and they grow, implanting themselves into that green space, making it pretty, and providing valuable food for bees and birds. 

How to get Involved?

Join Kind Hearted Karma as a Volunteer. Sign up below. We send regular mailers on the next upcoming Seed Bomb Workshop. After every workshop returns a happy child with a Gift from Mother Nature. “From Her Garden to Yours….”